Ancient History of Kerala

So this is something different of a subject, as we are not going to discuss the natural beauty of the place, for a change. If you go by the studies about the place then you are in for a spin, as different historians had varied views on the ancient history of the place. The reason why we have very little or a blurry idea about the history of such a great place is because it’s guided by beliefs, myths and a lot of guesses.

One such legend is the story of ‘Parasurama’ who as per the history books is regarded as the incarnation of ‘Lord Vishnu’. Kerala is the leftover of his heroics is what the relics suggests, however, Geologists are of a different opinion.

It was around 3000 BC trade started kicking in the Malabar coast of Kerala, which till date is a business hub. Popular commodities or items of trade included Ivory, Cotton, Spices and Sandalwood. The areas of Kodungalloor and Cranganore were the major trade centres or the places where all the major trade transactions happened.

Before the advent of Christianity, Kerala was inhabited by Kuravas, Vetas and Pulayas. Jainism and Buddhism also flourished during the same time period, so did the Brahmins, who started rooting in from neighbouring areas. Their community occupied most of the lush lands in the northern region of Kerala. With the increased wealth of Brahmins, a strong differentiation based on caste and class started in Kerala, with Brahmins determining most of the things.

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