The Kerala backwaters are a chain of water bodies and lagoons where the fresh meets the sea water. It lies parallel to the Arabian sea. These have a unique ecosystem including crabs, frogs and mudskippers, water birds such as kingfishers and a lot others the surrounding landscape of there backwaters are lined with palm trees and pandanus shrubs. This 900 km network of interconnected canals, rivers, lakes and inlets adds a magical beauty to the nature of Kerala. 

The largest lake in the state of Kerala also takes the fame of the longest lake in India. It is stretched along the districts of Ernakulum, Alappuzha and kottayam area. It offers a rejuvenating experience for the tourists visiting Kerala. The lake has a freshwater dominant southern zone and a salt water dominant northern zone separated by a bund at Thannermukkon. 

It is a major backwater in kottayam district which is set in the backdrop of Vembanad Lake with plenty of race boats, house boating facilities and canoes. A boat cruise through the nearby kumarakom bird sanctuary will be a privilege to see especially the migrating birds.The exclusive kumarakom karimeen or pearl spotted fish and poovalan chemeen (shrimp) are the main cuisine attractions of this place .Ayurvedic massage , yoga , meditation, swimming, fishing and boating and water sports such as wind sailing and water sking are available here. The place is blessed with an expanse of mangrove forests. Here we can see special boats like Kettuvallam, Kochu – odi vallam, Odi-vallam , Iruttukuthi vallam, Churulan vallam, and Chundan Vallam (Snake Boat) which take part in the boat races around onam time.

It is called the by Lord Curson with its crisscrossing canals .The palm covered Pathiramanal Island which needs a one hour boat journey from Alappuzha is yet another attraction of this place Alappuzha’s beauty is also known for its man made Islands with mud that you will find amidst the waters . R Block is famous for its toddy served to the guests.

It is the real backwater paradise with bright green paddy fields. It stretches up to 75 km sand witched between the serene sea and the magnificent hills. It is known as the rice -bowl of Kerala and one of the places where farming is done below sea level .The ride through Kuttanad backwaters seeing the green  paddy fields and head - bobbing group of ducks and the coir workers everywhere who work rhythmically are all interesting sights. There is a joke about this  place that, here the children learn to swim before they walk because the whole life revolves around water here.

This backwater of Alappuzha is famous for the unique Nehru Trophy Boat Race which isheld on the second saturday of every August.It is a water festival in which the land and water catch the fire of spirit. There will be around 100 Oarsmen in each boat .All these veterans moving their oars rhythmically in the same direction is an instance of their unity and spirit. 

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