According to the Archeological Survey of India there are a number of MONUMENTS of National importance in Kerala. It points to the rich culture and life style of our forefathers in the form of parchments books, paintings, forts, tombs and palaces.


Today, it can be named as the largest archeological museum in Kerala. It spreads over an area of 52 acres with 49 buildings in the traditional architectural style of Kerala. It offers a vast display of antique things and also a gallery of contemporary art .The medicinal plants, deer park and horse riding facilities are echoing the past pride of  the royal family. It was built in 1865 by the maharaja of Cochin. 

PARADESI SYNAGOGUE (Mattanchery Synagogue)

Mattanchery palace and this synagogue share a common wall. It is the oldest synagogue in the entire common wealth nations. It was built in 1568. Recently Britan’s prince Charles of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visited this monument. It was established by Sephard Jews. 


It is located in Thuckalay only 50 kms away from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. It was built by Iravi Varma Khulasekhara Perumal around 1601. His successor Marthanda Varma ruled the Kingdom and dedicated it to the family diety Sree Padmanabha, a form of Lord Vishnu and here this name come from . 

It consists of several structures.

Mantrasala ( Council Chamber ) 

Thai Kottaram ( Mother’s Palace )

Natakashala ( Hall of Performance)

Four-storeyed central building (Uppirikka Maliga)

Thekka kottaram (southern palace)

The charm and wonder of this place cannot be expressed in words. It has to be visited and experienced.


This palace otherwise known as the Dutch palace was built and gifted by the Portuguese to the Raja Cochin in 1555. It has a quadrangular structure (Nalukett)  with a courtyard in the middle which comprising a small temple on it.

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