Discovering the Elephants in Kerala


‘Elephant’ a name synonymous with pride, richness and sheer elegance, is an animal which happens to be an important part of the rich history that Kerala carries till date. In Kerala, Elephants are used in religious rituals as well as for heavy-duty tasks, which makes it an icon for the conservative nature of Kerala state. Here are some ways in which once can enjoy the Elephant experience in Kerala:

The Great Elephant Safari

Kerala Private Tours offered me a customized Elephant safari tour that covered lush areas like Kodanad, Munnar and Thekkady. Here you have the opportunity to watch more than 700 elephants having a good time. Each tusker here has at least 3 people taking care of its basic needs, which range from daily bath to rejuvenating rubs/massages.


The Thrissur Pooram


The Pooram festival is one of the main reasons I have to visit Thrissur once every travel. One of the key highlights of the festival are the 30 elephants that stand decorated in the traditional attired custom designed for the occasion. When we talk about elephants, my friend told me that more than 250 elephants are there in Thrissur.


The Guruvayoor visit


Guruvayoor temple like other important temples here preserve elephants as a respected incarnation of Lord Ganesha, the son of Hindu lord Shiva. Every special occasion at Guruvayoor sees visits in hundreds at a time and devotees feed these elephants to please the gods.


Thekkady Lake


Thekkady region is popular for Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary and once you are on a about ride, you can watch the elephants having their own fine time, without any external interruption. Other than elephants, you can also catch glimpses of Deers, Monkeys, Tigers, Herds of elephants.


The ceremonies held here in Kerala with these elephants are a sight to reckon and the people here have really preserved their culture gracefully for rest of the world to admire.

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