Travel Tips for Kerala Visitors

Travelling to Kerala is a brilliant and a pleasant experience or an idea for that matter, which comes from a person who keeps travelling frequently. Many a times people ask me about things they should keep in mind before they plan a travel to Kerala. I only tell them one place and that is to make sure you enjoy to the fullest because travelling to Kerala is once in a lifetime experience.

However, as a traveler there are certain things that do come in handy. Here’s some good to know info:

Money… Of-course. Major hotels and resorts in Kerala accept credit cards as well. So, keep plastic money handy as well. The best time to visit the place will be in between the month of September and May. However, if you wish to pay a visit to the monsoons then it will be between June to August.

Your wardrobe should include Cotton clothes and a good amount if sunscreen. If you wish to check out the Ayurveda centers here, then go for the ones that are registered and have a valid license. Although I will suggest you do taste or develop taste for the authentic Kerala cuisines, however, for those who have weak stomachs can find Continental, Chinese and other food varieties here as well.


Here are some emergency numbers for you just incase anything goes wrong:

Ø  Police control room: 100

Ø  Fire station: 101

Ø  Ambulance: 102, 108


It’s very important to note that some of the ancient temples here still follow ancient traditions, which may prohibit non-Hindus to enter. Footwear is not allowed inside the temple premises and clothing is accepted to be decent.


India, especially Kerala may have some influence from the west but the beaches here do not allow nudity and public smoking is an offence here.

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