Kochi my dear Kochi! How can my tour of Kerala be complete without paying a visit to beloved Kochi? Other than paying a visit to the elegant Fort Kochi, some of the best things to do here includes chilling around, relaxing, taking a deep breath and making yourself believe that you are still in Kochi. Trust me when I tell you that in Kochi at every corner there is an amusing surprise waiting for you, such is the beauty n’ feel of this place.  I have no idea how this place protected itself from the harsh realities of modernization because as I wander through the areas, I still get that old place feels deep in my heart and veins.
“So, what to see in Fort Kochi?”
Ø  Fort Immanuel
The dominant fort once stood guard for the alliance between Monarch of Portugal and the Maharaja of Cochin. The historic fort was built in the year 1503.
Ø  Dutch Cemetery
Well, this place gives you one of those last chances to see the grave of Europeans who left their respective homes in a bid to expand their colonial empires.
Ø  Thakur House
Formerly known as the Kunal/Hill Bungalow, this dominating specimen of the colonial era was once the residence of the managers of National bank of India. However, it now is owned by Thakur and Co. Tea Trading Firm. Still consider paying the near about a visit simply for its grace and colonial elegance.
Ø  David Hall
Another colonial structure that was built following the legacy of a Dutch Commander.
Other notable mentions that one should consider exploring includes the likes of:
Ø  Parade Ground
Ø  Church Road
Ø  Bastion Bungalow
Ø  Vasco-da Gama square
Ø  Pierce Leslie Bungalow
How do I get to Fort Kochi?
We have an airport here that says ‘Cochin International Airport’, which is located about 30Km from Ernakulam. 

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