Web Page: FAQs

  • 1) How long have you been in the tourism industry?
    We have been assisting clients for more than a decade now.
  • 2) Where is Kerala located on the World Map?
    Kerala is located in Southern Asia. To be precise, Kerala is the southern tip of India, bordered by the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Himalayan Range.
  • 3) What type of climate prevails in Kerala?
    There are four types of climates in India winter, summer, South West monsoon and North East monsoon.
  • 4) What time of the year is best to visit Kerala?
    The best time to visit Kerala will be from October to March
  • 5) What is the normal temperature in Kerala?
    - Summer (April-June) it is 26 - 33 degree Celsius - Monsoon (July-September) it is 22 - 27 degree Celsius - Winter (October-March) it is 24 - 32 degree Celsius
  • 6) When is the Peak tourist season in Kerala?
    It is from December to January. However, it may be noted that Kerala receives visitors all-round the calendar year.
  • 7) As a tourist, what all can I expect from Kerala?
    Kerala is nothing less than a heaven. You get to enjoy the sun kissed beaches, emerald backwaters, idyllic hill stations, exotic wildlife, breathtaking waterfalls, Ayurvedic health spas, enchanting art forms, magical festivals, historical monuments, mouthwatering cuisines, and much more.
  • 8) I have heard Kerala is a very conservative state, hence what kind of clothes would be acceptable here?
    Kerala adheres to its tradition and culture till date, but tourists can dress the way they want. Clothing and dressing style in Kerala varies from region to region.
  • 9) How can I reach Kerala?
    Depends on where you are at the moment. Give us a call to know how!
  • 10) How many airports are there in Kerala?
    Trivandrum International Airport, Cochin International Airport, Nedumbassery, and Karipur Airport, Kozhikode
  • 11) Which are the Major Airlines operating to Kerala, India?
    - European Carriers
    Lufthansa, Swiss Air, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, Al Italia, KLM/North West, Austrian Airlines, Finn Air, Scandinavian Airlines.
    - American Carriers
    American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines.
    - Asian Carriers
    Emirates, Etihad Airways, Gulf air, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Malaysian Airlines, Thai Airways, Kuwait Airways, Qatar Airways, Oman Air, SriLankan Airlines.
  • 12) Is VISA required to visit India?
    If you are a foreign nation, YES!
  • 13) Do you own hotels in each of the mentioned destinations?
    We don’t own but we have partnered several reputed names to make you feel at ease.
  • 14) Do you provide pick up services from the Airport or the Railway station?
    Yes, we do!
  • 15) Can I custom design the holiday packages?
    That’s our specialty. Call us to know more.
  • 16) Can you arrange for stay packages to any of my preferred hotels mentioned in your list of hotels & resorts?
  • 17) How can I reserve a particular package through the website?
  • 18) Which all services can I reserve through your website?
    Package, hotel stays and much more.
  • 19) Do all the hotels & resorts and houseboats featured in your package have western toilets?
    Yes. Still you can contact our travel consultant to know more
  • 20) How can I reserve for a customized package, other than the packages mentioned on your website?
    Give us a call. Simple.
  • 21) Is air conditioning available at all the hotels & resorts and houseboats featured in the packages?
    Yes, in most of them.
  • 22) What are the payment options available?
    Cheque / Demand Draft / Credit or Debit Card. For more information, please contact us.
  • 23) Do all the hotels & resorts featured in your package have bathtubs?
    Yes, most of them do.
  • 24) Why don’t you have air conditioning option available at all the hotels & resorts located at Thekkady (Periyar) & Munnar?
    These are high altitude places. So, you don’t need extra cooling.
  • 25) Is vegetarian food available in Hotels/Resorts?
  • 26) How safe is it to eat non-vegetarian food in Kerala?
    Non-vegetarian dishes served in good restaurants are absolutely safe.
  • 27) How safe is the drinking water in Kerala?
    We advise you to keep mineral water with you all the time as you may have difficulty in adjusting to the water here.
  • 28) Will I get a dedicated chauffeur driven car or will I get a shared car?
    Depends on the tour package. Call us to know better.
  • 29) Will the car and the chauffeur remain the same till the end of our trip?
  • 30) How should I tip waiters at restaurants / hotels?
    Depends on you and your will.
  • 31) Do you operate group tours?
    Yes we do.
  • 32) Which is the best method to reserve a tour package with you?
    Give us a call and explain us what you need.
  • 33) Can I reserve any of your Hotel and Tour Packages over phone?
    Yes you can.
  • 34) Will the dedicated chauffeur be able to speak in English or Hindi?
    Yes. Our staffs are well-trained
  • 35) Can I get a mobile phone connection in India?
    Yes, by providing your identity details and photograph to the service provider.
  • 36) Which is the best mode of communication to contact you?
    Email and Telephone
  • 37) Are your packages inclusive of all expenses?
    Most of the expenses are covered. However, there can be some changes based on your customization of the tour package.
  • 38) Can I know the details of any of your Hotels or Tour Packages status over phone?
    Yes you can.
  • 39) Can I go through any of the testimonials of your customers?
    Yes, we have posted the testimonials for values clients like you.
  • 40) Is your office open on Sundays?
    We have a set of holidays. It’s better you drop your requirements through Email, if we fail to answer your call.
  • 41) Is there any fixed date for the packages?
    No. you be the master.
  • 42) Is sightseeing possible during the night at any of the destinations?
    Mostly NOT



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