House Boat Ride

House Boat Ride
How can we ignore the water, especially when you are in God’s own country – Kerala. Especially for a travel freak like me, house boat rides are a must, they just add to the scenic beauty you enjoy at this place. Speaking of water, Backwaters are also a unique attraction here, a series of canals that extend 1500 Km, consisting of 44 rivers and Lakes. Most of the backwater area in Kerala is a gift of nature while some parts are artificial. I was surprised to know that before the advent of modern means of transport, the only means to transport cargo through the backwaters was by ‘Kettuvalloms’.
This Kettuvallom comprises of two distinct words i.e. ‘Kettu’ meaning ‘to tie’ and ‘Vallom’ meaning ‘boat’. So the literal meaning comes out to be – a boat that is made with wooden planks tied together using coconut shell fibres. Cashew nut oil is used for painting the surface of this boat. These traditional boats can be upto 20 feet wide and 100 feet in length. It’s a sad thing to hear from the locals that not many great craftsmen are left who can make such boats from the scratch.
Thanks to Kerala Private Tours, my journey to this paradise was cordially cherished with house boat ride, which in my opinion is a must try if you are planning a trip to Kerala. Kerala houseboats allowed me to enjoy the factors that makes Kerala a fascinating wonder of nature. Normally these houseboats comprise of single, double and three rooms, some even with a private balcony.
Not only were these mobile houses extremely beautiful, they were perfectly equipped with all the relevant facilities required to prepare authentic Malayalam cuisine. While you are enjoying your stay at houseboat, you can feel the striking balance co-existing between human and nature, which is a relation way beyond the shackles of modernization.

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