Paradesi synagogue

Paradesi synagogue
As amazing it may sound, the Paradesi Synagogue is an ancient place that happens to be more than hundred years old when it comes to legacy and it houses several rare antiques. This prestigious work of ancient art is what glorifies the mystique charm of ‘Mattancherry’. As per the information I got from Kerala Private Tour experts, this Jewish heritage was built in the year 1568, as a result of the Jewish connection that was growing with India, especially Kerala. This flawless place was built adjacent to the Mattancherry Palace, on the land given by erstwhile king of Cochin.
This structure, which was built by the Jewish community was destroyed in the year 1662 by Portuguese and again restored two years later by the Dutch. As many of the readers will already be aware, the word ‘Paradesi’ stands for ‘Foreigner’ in most of the Asian languages. From a traditional point of view, it refers to ‘White Jews’ who happen to be the mixture of Middle East, Europe and Kodungalloor.
The main things that grabs the eye of visitors are the antiques that add to the vintage charm of the place. The moment you enter, if it’s during day time you can see the sunlight from the large window illuminating the chandelier and all the glass lamps. The scenes just perfect with vintage architecture at its best. What I was told was that the beautiful chandelier was imported from Belgium in the 19th century.
That’s not all, the floor of the place itself is a work of art and epic craftsmanship. The hand-painted willow patterned tiles were brought from China in the 18th century by a popular Jewish businessman, Ezekiel Rahabi. The tiles are for sure every art-lover’s delight and thing that catch the eye is that every one tile is different from the other. Not only the tiles but every other structure here represents an artists dream and architectural wonder, like the pillars holding the structure.
When can you visit?
You can visit the place everyday except Fridays and Saturdays or even Jewish holidays.
The timings are forenoon - 10 am to 12 noon and afternoon - 3 pm to 5 pm.
FYI: No Shoes Allowed inside!

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