Village Life

Village Life   

Somewhere deep inside I have always been a deep admirer of Kerala and it’s vast natural beauty. I always love my vacations somewhere away from the crowded city and Kerala seems to be the best place where I can be myself or at least establish a connection with the real me. Such is the beauty of Kerala that is capable of leaving anyone with a sense of art, astonished! The real beauty of the place lies in the villages here that still successfully maintain the traditional heritage. Some of the words that come to my mind while describing the village life here are peace and serenity, which you should anyways expect from a village life.
“so what is the village life in Kerala like?”
Although there are many reasons as of why Kerala is so beautiful, but the selected few include the likes of backwaters, wildlife, beaches and the scenic locals that add to the natural beauty of the place. Coming from an avid traveller, if you really want to learn a thing or two about Kerala, then visit its villages as they have a lot to tell in terms of stories.
Compared to the cities, villagers here lead a very slow life that is well guarded by their traditions and pastoral ambience. The people here still lead their life guided by the morals set decades ago, which may be the reason why they still behold the medieval charm. Since the villages here are agro-based, you will find a lot of paddy fields, plantations, rivulets, floral gardens wherever you commute. Stay at the thatched huts among green fields will ensure that your connection with nature remains intact.
Thanks to Kerala Private Tours, I had a customized tour plan that allowed me to have a brief stay in the villages and study their culture. Trust me, having my phone away from me for a week actually did a lot of wonders to my conscience. Each and every portion of Kerala is beautiful and intriguing in its own way, but if you ask me, I will suggest a visit to Aranmula and Ranipuram. Kerala Private Tours thankfully was able to arrange a comfortable stay for me there and especially if you are into mountain climbing and other excursions of any sort, this is your best bet.
If luck allows you to land there at the time of Onam, you will be treated with the unique opportunity to witness ‘Snake boat’ race and rest of the carnival celebrations. I always felt an empty void after leaving the village and to be very honest, I still try to reason with my busy city life.  

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