If history was a person in real, then I am sure it resides in ‘Fort Kochi’ as such is the beauty inherent to this location. Santa Cruz Basilica is popular for its versatility that marks the presence of some of most beautiful structures ever seen in history. One of the eight Basilicas in ..Read more


Waterfalls in Kerala Let’s get one thing clear, Kerala is a paradise and I in my current state of mind have no plans to leave this place without complete exploration. One thing other than the culture and traditions of the place that catches the eye and soul, is ‘waterfall’. Not ju ..Read more


Ancient History of Kerala So this is something different of a subject, as we are not going to discuss the natural beauty of the place, for a change. If you go by the studies about the place then you are in for a spin, as different historians had varied views on the ancient history of the place. The ..Read more


Travel Tips for Kerala Visitors Travelling to Kerala is a brilliant and a pleasant experience or an idea for that matter, which comes from a person who keeps travelling frequently. Many a times people ask me about things they should keep in mind before they plan a travel to Kerala. I only tell them ..Read more


Discovering the Elephants in Kerala ‘Elephant’ a name synonymous with pride, richness and sheer elegance, is an animal which happens to be an important part of the rich history that Kerala carries till date. In Kerala, Elephants are used in religious rituals as well as for heavy-duty ta ..Read more


Let’s agree to one thing and that is ‘Kerala’ is a very beautiful place and when people claim it to be a green paradise, they’re probably right. One of the many things that contribute to the beauty of the place is agriculture in the form of ‘Paddy Fields’. Compar ..Read more


Coffee Plantations in Kerala So now we come to the part wherein we discuss one of the most addictive aspects of Kerala tourism – the ‘Coffee Plantations’. It may not come as a surprise to you guys that ‘Kerala’ perhaps is the largest Coffee producing state in India at ..Read more


THE WORLDS BEST BREAKFAST Two of the major reasons why I love Kerala, other than the greenery is – 1 the culture and 2 the food, which is nothing less than godly. With traditions and religion that vary from region to region, Kerala has always made waves for the delicacies. In general, cuisine ..Read more


WILD LIFE Twenty Nine percent of Kerala’s total land is covered with forests. The five national parks and the 13 wild life sanctuaries together cover the 6 percent of the total land area of the state Kerala bio-diversity register the world’s most significant wild life in perfect harmony ..Read more


MARTIAL ARTS KALARIPAYTTU Kalaripaytu takes its origin from the southern states of Kerala and Tamilnadu. It is indebted to yoga for its exercises and to Ayurveda, Siddha and Tribal medicine for its medical system. It is not an exclusive study of the physical fighting but a multidisciplinary study o ..Read more


Kerala at a glance The reason why Kerala enjoys worldwide attention is partly due to its pleasant geography, which sees the Arabian sea in the west part and in the eastern part lies the Western Ghats. The unique resource location of Kerala enjoys a network of 44 rivers adding to its phenomenal beau ..Read more


Kerala as a travel destination offers more than one sort of option for staying, however, one of a kind and worth of mentioning is ‘Tree Houses’. Traditionally names as ‘Erumadam’ these tree houses are nothing less than an attraction in itself and yes, even I enjoyed by stay. ..Read more


HILL STATIONS IN KERALA In this write-up we will cover some of the most visited hill stations in Kerala, popular for their own specific reasons. Although I will still advise you to go for a customized travel plan with your dependable travel experts, in case you are new to this region. Here are some ..Read more


BEACHES The beaches of Kerala spread along the 550 km coastline of the Arabian Sea. The shores of these waters are lined with coconut trees and provides extra charm by extravagant sea food Cuisine , embracing run and innocent people welcome you warmly to give unforgettable holidays. KOVALAM The nam ..Read more


Spice Tourism in Kerala Kerala as a travel destination is quite synonymous to ‘beauty’ and ‘resourcefulness’, which is why spice plantations have always been an integral part of every tour package. Anyways, coming from someone who has explored Kerala deeply, spice plantation ..Read more


Art and Culture about Kerala If you try and learn about Kerala, you will discover that the land is a blend of Dravidians and Aryans. It was during the 10th century, when Kerala was actually a part of Tamilkalam and its culture was very much an influence of Dravidian culture. There are various art f ..Read more


Pooram Festival One cannot be a Kerala fan, if he does not know what ‘Puram’ means. Puram is an integral part of the inherent culture, which is more of a beautiful celebration dedicated to Goddesses Kali or Durga. Pooram festivals are held mostly in the northern part of Kerala, with the ..Read more


Kochi my dear Kochi! How can my tour of Kerala be complete without paying a visit to beloved Kochi? Other than paying a visit to the elegant Fort Kochi, some of the best things to do here includes chilling around, relaxing, taking a deep breath and making yourself believe that you are still in Koch ..Read more


Village Life Somewhere deep inside I have always been a deep admirer of Kerala and it’s vast natural beauty. I always love my vacations somewhere away from the crowded city and Kerala seems to be the best place where I can be myself or at least establish a connection with the real me. Such is ..Read more


HOUSE BOAT RIDE How can we ignore the water, especially when you are in God’s own country – Kerala. Especially for a travel freak like me, house boat rides are a must, they just add to the scenic beauty you enjoy at this place. Speaking of water, Backwaters are also a unique attraction ..Read more


Theyyam Popularly known as ‘Kaliyattam’, Theyyam is a traditional dance ritual popular in the northern part of Kerala. From a point of view of a naïve traveler, I found Theyyam as a combination of mime, music and dance in a very gracious way. The ritual is all about paying tribute ..Read more


So, this is one of the best parts of your stay in Kerala. Every year, for few months especially during the monsoons, Kerala organizes boat races that sees some of the most traditional colorful snake boats competing against each other. Now, before you think of this race or boat to do anything with s ..Read more



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