Let’s agree to one thing and that is ‘Kerala’ is a very beautiful place and when people claim it to be a green paradise, they’re probably right. One of the many things that contribute to the beauty of the place is agriculture in the form of ‘Paddy Fields’. Compared to the 1980s Paddy cultivation in Kerala has decreased to due various factors. However, the last five years are clear indicators of the fact that Kerala rice production cannot be counted our just yet. Innovation and technology expertise has optimized production scales in Palakkad – a region, which is know as the Rice Bowl.
Another reason for the relevance of Paddy fields because of it being an important part of the state’s ecological and bio system. Paddy fields here are an excellent means of drainage in case removing flood water and saving ground water. Paddy fields in one way or the other have contributed to the flora and fauna of the place. Paddy cultivation styles and patterns here vary as per regions as can be scene here. For instance, In Kannur, Kattampally has its own kaipad fields with paddy cultivated in saline water. Meanwhile in Kochi, the pokkali fields find farmers growing paddy as a substitute of prawn cultivation. There are any other examples as well, but I don’t want to get into details and bore you.
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