If history was a person in real, then I am sure it resides in ‘Fort Kochi’ as such is the beauty inherent to this location. Santa Cruz Basilica is popular for its versatility that marks the presence of some of most beautiful structures ever seen in history. One of the eight Basilicas in India, Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica is one of the best-built churches in India popular for its architectural supremacy and artistic excellence.

With a golden history that dates back to the 16th century, the construction of the Church only when permission was sought by the first Portuguese viceroy from Cochin Raja. The foundation stone for this marvel was laid on 3rd May, 1505 and it is an admirable fact that the church has undergone several attempts of demolition and re-erection. It was in the year 1905, the status of Santa Cruz Cathedral was raised to Basilica by John Paul II, considering the historical significance and artistic influence of the holy place.

To talk about the interior, the moment you enter the church you are left with a spell bounded expression – thanks to gothic style architecture. Credit to the main Altar goes to a popular Italian painter ‘FrAntonio Moscheni’ and his apprentice ‘De Gama’ of Mangalore.

How do We reach here?

Nearest railway station: Ernakulum

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport. 



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